SEO Crash Course (Interview Questions)

Search Engine Optimization Crash Course

What are Meta Tags?
A short information releted to search query we put for every page is called Meta Tags. The four important meta tags are Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords and Robot Tags.

Where to place Meta Tags?
At the heading section of a page.

What is Meta Description?
A short and meaningful description for a website by wring it between 150 to 160 characters is useful to fetch information through the search engine to show the results of the related query is a Meta Description. But it will be spam if description is stuffed with all keyword and will affect page ranking on Search Engine.
Sometimes if description part is empty then Google would take this info from the content available in that particular page.

What is Keyword?
A word used to search through Search Engine in order to get results related to your query is known as “KEYWORD”.

What is Robot Tags?
To restrict any pages to crawl by search engine we use Robot tags

What are the max length of each Meta Tags?
Title 55-65 Chars
Description 150-160 Chars
Keywords 200 Chars limit

What are the factors for high ranking of a website?
 SEO Crash Course
Moz’s page authority
No. of Google +1’s
No. of unique c-blocks linking to the page
No. of unique IPs linking to the page
No. of Root Domains linking to the page
High Quality Content
User Experience (Easy to use)

What are the ways to get backlinks?
There are mainly 7 ways to get it, these are -
1. Article Marketing (Software, Article Directories)
2. Web 2.0 Websites (Very Powerful for Backlinking)
3. Social Bookmarking (SocialAdr | OnlyWire | Social Monkey | TribePro)
4. Forum Posting ( | WarriorForum)
5. Blog Commenting (CommentKahuna)
6. Software Submission (SeNuke, Magic Submitter, Traffic Geyser, UAW)
7. Press Releases (Learn how to do it properly)
Others:- Link Baiting

Where can I see all the backlinks to a website?
By login into your webmaster account. On left drop-down menu>>Search Traffic>>Links to your website. You will get here all the links details included in your website.
You can also use tools such as- “Backlink Checker” or “Moz Link Analysis”.


SEO Freelancer Work: How to do SEO - Crash Course in 20 Minutes

SEO Freelancer Work: How to do SEO - Crash Course in 20 Minutes

How to do SEO - Crash Course in 20 Minutes

SEO in a quick view (Interview Questions)

What is an SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is the process of changing the position or ranking of a page or whole website in a search engine search results like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
In other words, “the practice of optimizing a website to increase the traffic that website receives from search engine” is called SEO.

How many techniques used to do SEO?
Only two techniques and these are 
  1.   White Hat SEO 
  2.   Black Hat SEO (Unethical Techniques)
White Hat SEO Techniques?
This is the genuine and ethical way to achieve top ranking on Organic Search Results i.e Free Search Results. 
For White hat SEO we mostly used these techniques-
  • Meta Tag Description
  • Link Building
  • Web Analysis
  • Article Submission etc.
Black Hat SEO Techniques?
Black Hat SEO is an unethical way to achieve ranking on Search Engine. Few of the black hat techniques are -
  • Cloaking
  • Spamdexing
  • Doorway Pages
  • Scraper Site Link Farming
  • Keyword Stuffing
What are the types of SEO?
Well! It has two types-
  1. The first one is On-Page Optimization (Meta Tags, Internal Links & Web Analysis)
  2. And the second is Off-Page Optimization (Mostly Link Building)
What is On-Page Optimization?
To control whole website by you or by using page coding is called On-Page Optimization, in which you have to dedicate on your boundary of website to bring it on # ranking over the internet world.
Some examples of coding you can use for are HTML code, PHP, Java, Meta Title, Meta Tags, Meta Description, High Content Quality, Image Alt Tag, define Meta Keywords, etc. To define meta keywords were older ideas, now it’s not necessary to define it for Google.

What is Off-Page Optimization?
It is opposite of On-Page Optimization, and not controlled by the page coding only. This is the process of optimization where you have promote your page/ website by going out if the boundary.
Ways to do Off-Page Optimizations are Link Building, Blog Posting, Video Sharing, Image Sharing, Article Submission, Getting high quality links from relevant sites, Increase Page Rank and Page Authority, etc. Off-Page Optimizing is also known as Content Sourcing.

What is Page Rank or PR?
Page Rank abbreviation of PR is provided by the millions of users favorite search engine, yes, that’s GOOGLE for each individual page of any webs and the Page Rank is calculated by an algorithm used by Google Web Search Engine. The PR is given between the range of 0 to 10 and the given no. is based on the number of backlinks that received from other high PR webpage.

What is Backlink?
It’s just likea voting  for your webpages. All the incoming links to your web/ webpage  through a good PR webs is called backlinks. It is also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, inward links etc.

What are Outbound Links?
Its opposite of inbound links, where we link another page link within our webpages.


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